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Pressure Treated Gum Poles

Facts & FAQ’s about Treated Timber
Because all of our Poles come from our own plantations, we are able to select the longest, and straightest poles first. We produce some of the finest quality treated poles in South Africa. All timber is air dried and then pressure treated with Tanalith and carries guarantees of quality.

Super -Selected for straightness and accurate diameter class.
  • Full Range available from stock.
  • From 1.2m – to – 12.5m Long
  • All diameters up to +/- 400mm in diameter.
  • In house Mechanical (Bell ) loaders.
  • Computerised Stock tracking.
  • All treated timber carries the national standards mark.( See Standards Certificate.)
  • Unless otherwise specified, all treated timber includes a silicone additive effectively makes the timber water resistant which dramatically retards cracking resulting in improved appearance and weathering characteristics.
Pressure Treated Lathes & Fencing Droppers:
Sold in Bundles of 10
Thatching Lathes- 3m , 3.6m or 4.5m – Thin end diameter between 25-32mm
Fence Droppers – 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m or 2.1m – Thin end diameter between 32- 50mm

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