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Pull Scar Timber Company

Suppliers of Eucalyptus Mining Timber, Pressure Treated Poles and Timber, Outdoor Furniture and Garden Products.

Pull Scar Timber was founded in 1929. One of the original tree planters in the area, it has been in the same family ever since. We are renown for the high quality of our timber which is particularly suited for selected long poles.

The estate is situated in the heart of the spectacular Mpumalanga mountain region. Every effort is made to maintain a strict environmental ethic in all that we do. All Silviculture and Harvesting operations are carried out according to the International Forest Stewardship Council guidelines.

Most of our timber production goes to supply the mining industry for the construction of Mine Props. Only the super selected poles are pressure treated with Tanalith for building and fencing. As holders of our own Standards Mark, we are regularly inspected by the Bureau of Standards for sound practice and quality of product.

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